Saturday, June 13, 2009

Secret AS Tricks -- Keyboard Shortcuts

You lucky folks following this blog will have access to tricks, addons and lessons that even AS veterans don't know -- and will be posted no where else (since I no longer am welcomed on the Lost Marble website).

First up: secret tool shortcut tips. Nearly every AS vet knows of the _tool.list.txt file that exists in the scripts/tool directory. In this file you can add or edit the existing shortcut tips to any tool in your arsenal (and we'll be providing some killer tools you can't get anywhere in the months to come).

But what most don't know is that you are not limited to just the alpha and numeric keys A-Z and 0-9 to assigning shortcuts. You can also use the odd keys such as brackets ([]), semi-colon (;) comma, period and backslash -- in short any single key press (not shift keys) that you have.

This opens up at least 11 more keys for you to use as shortcuts -- which along with reassigning the keys you don't need should be more than enough to shortcut your way to any tool you use often. If you use a device like the Shuttle Pro (which I highly recommend) you can go further and assign these keystrokes to the buttons there, making construction and animation even easier (we'll talk in detail about this in another entry).

In the meantime -- enjoy editing away and setting up AS exactly how you want it!

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