Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Animators Forum!

Wes and I (synth75 on the old LM site) have started a new animators forum, mostly devoted to using Anime Studio (but will include general tips for all animators). It's early days but already there are tips and tutorials there available no where else. I would recommend anyone interested in animation to come join us and make it the best possible place for discussing the art form we all know and love.

Unlike the Lost Marble site, we aren't beholden to Smith Micro and can say things that cannot be said there. But that's not the main reason to participate -- Wes and I together have over three decades of experience in animation and we were among the top ten posters in the old AS forum. Wes and I have written many useful scripts that add funtionality to the program almost anyone can use. We can promise you there is no greater expertise to be found anywhere when it comes to Anime Studio.

My blog now will concentrate more on aspects of our show but tutorials and Anime Studio stuff will be on the forum. We hope to see you all there!

Animators Forums

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